Standard Malware & Virus Cleanup$75. Complications Add $35hr

        Example: If corrupted files cause windows not to load or internet is disabled after cleaning.

Format and Reinstall Windows 7: $135 (Fresh Install with no Backup) Windows 8 $145

Laptop Screen Repair: usually around $115 - $150

DATA Backup: $100 up to first Terabyte (does not Include Media HDD,Thumb Stick etc...)

Power Connector Repair Laptop: $100

Power Connector Repair Tablet/Phone: $150

Soldering: $80/Hr Includes time to dissemble/assemble.

TV Repair: $35/Hr + Parts

Photo Editing and Advertisements: $50/Hr

Web-Site Design: Around $100 per page depending on custom Graphics.

Physical Cleaning: Removing dust, cleaning glass etc.. $15

CPU/GPU Thermal checkup: $15 (applying Thermal Paste/Re-seating Heat-sink)

Fan Replacement: ( Desktop -  $20 per fan ) (Laptop - $75)

Photocopying: Black and White 10¢per page, per side

Other Services: Ask


Service and Warranty Disclaimer
·     3 Months WARRANTY on Computers / Laptops (USED and Refurbished).
·     1 year WARRANTY on NEW Computers / Laptops.
·     By signing the service Invoice customer agrees to the terms specified herein.
·     has FREE Diagnostics on Repairs. $25 dollars needs to be paid in order to pick up any device OR $1.00 per mile whichever is greater.
·     All Systems taken in for Service must be properly licensed either original certificate affixed to them or Original Operating System CDs with Key Installation.
·     Any Equipment left over 30 days will be become property of Nickerson Custom Computers and will dispose of. Customer further acknowledges that Nickerson Custom Computers will be not held responsible or libel for any equipment disposed of after 30 Days.
·     Replacement of The Operating System and issues arising from its re-installation are not covered under warranty.
·     Viruses Spyware and software Issues ARE NOT covered under the Warranty.
·     We are not responsible for the Performance of a System after any internet Software has been installed on a System.
·     Re-installation of the Operating System, also referred to As a Reload, Erases all data and programs; Customer is responsible for backing up any data they wish to keep prior to service unless they agree to pay for our Backup service.
·     We Diagnose any computer or Laptop for Hardware problems before continue to do a full service or Software reloading. .
·     We are not responsible for any loss of Data or Information (Its the Customer Responsibility to backup any data, pictures, music or important files before any System is reloaded unless it is Customer wish for Nickerson Custom Computers to backup any data and paying additional Charges.
· Any equipment left over 30 days will become property of Nickerson Custom Computers and will be disposed of as Nickerson Custom Computers sees fit.
· We are not responsible for any media left in the computer (CDs, DVDs, Flash or Floppies).
·     We are not responsible for components failure during the diagnostic or repair of the System.
·     An Antivirus program is highly recommended by NCC due to the fact spyware or viruses can corrupt critical Operating System files and could reduce performance of the computer.
We are not responsible for Malware/Viruses contracted by end-user after services have been performed.